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Jakarta (BERITAJA.COM) - The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) develops biodiversity visualization and conducts info analysis in response to several organisms, plants, animals, and other organic matter found in Indonesia's territory.

Head of the Data and Information Science Research Center (PRSDI) at BRIN, Esa Prakasa, noted in a statement, Monday, that the center had used NVIDIA product to analyze info concerning Indonesia's biodiversity.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is used to create a deep learning-based classification model to analyze various types of data, such as of wood, plankton, and tea, as well as highway profile videos, he explained.

GPU is a special processor hardware designed to process graphic data. GPU has a faster info processing capability as compared to regular Central Processing Unit (CPU), as GPU is specifically designed to process info in parallel.

Initially, the GPU is developed to improve the performance of graphic processing that results in better and more realistic image display.

"However, the use of GPU has currently branched out to various other fields of info processing, such as info science algorithms, machine learning, scientific computing, rendering, and more," he stated.

"In addition to developing a classification system for various biodiversity objects, we require a system that can provide a unique experience to users," he stated.

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Moreover, Prakasa revealed that the BRIN will develop a virtual system that allows users to interact with biodiversity objects.

"We have experience in designing and developing visualization of autonomic pathways, 3D simulation of floods and tsunami, 3D reconstruction of the earth's surface, and creation of web application for virtual tour that utilizes 360 imagery," he explained.

System development is supported by researchers at PRSDI as well as the availability of research equipment in BRIN.

On February 23-24, 2023, Prakasa had the opportunity to attend the International NVAITC Symposium held in Singapore.

The meeting is a platform connecting technology researchers and practitioners that discusses the implementation of NVIDIA technology on artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning.

"Collaborations can be established in several potential areas through the meeting based on Indonesia's extraordinary richness in biodiversity," he remarked. 

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